Kato Paphos Renovations - April Update

Published 15th of April, 2024

Back in January we reported how Poseidonos Road was getting a lot of love and being renovated, with lots of lovely landscaping thrown in for good measure. It has been three months since then so we thought we would take our cameras out for a stroll to see how the work was progressing...

First, A Mystery


Before we get to the roadworks though, I have a bit of a puzzle. A couple of days ago, in the morning, I drove through Kato Paphos, and observed that Notorious on Bar Street appeared to be open. This is a screenshot taken from the film. There is definitely a bar visible, TVs on the wall, and a girl standing inside with her back to the camera.

Where Did It Go?


The next day, on foot, it looked like this though! What happened? I had always assumed that this was an actual wall, but it appears to be some form of glorified shutter. I have to say it is very convincing.


The local guard cat was giving me no clues. Incidentally, I visited the area two days running, as the audio on the first day's filming didn't work. The cat was in different premises on the two visits, so I think it looks after the whole area, rather than a single bar.



From Notorious (and I have to say I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to wander around there) I headed towards T&J's Fish and Chip Shop at the far end of Bar Street. On the way I passed this restaurant, that has been empty for a while. In its day though it was one of the places to go for for traditional Cypriot food.

New Kid On The Block


Here's a surprise though. When I last reported from Bar Street, this was a very run-down empty premises with a very hopeful For Sale sign. Well, somebody has taken the bull by the horns and completely turned it around. According to the (excellent) reviews on Google, it is run by a Hungarian and Romanian Couple, and their food is delicious. The first review was about 9 months ago, so they have been here a little while now. We wish them every success, and hope the new renovations on Poseidonos Road, coupled with the work on Bar Street itself, will drive customers in their direction.

Incidentally, there is a film to accompany this article. If you can't wait for the link at the end, you can jump to it by clicking our Kato Paphos Renovations Film link.

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