Bar Street and Kato Paphos

Published 18th of January, 2024

Parts of Bar Street have long been a blight on the Paphos landscape, but things are slowly changing for the better. In this film we take a leisurely stroll from the Geroskipou end to the central church. We also explore the area behind Papantoniou's to see how the renovations are progressing there.

View From The Top


We start our adventure at the top end of Bar Street. Regular readers will note that this is where we finished the last article, on the Seafront Roadworks.



SInce the barriers went up around the old Lineker's Night Club, not a lot else seems to have happened to it. They can't just knock the building down, as there are flats on the first floor. It does look better than it used to though.

On The Right


There are flats on the right too. Below them are empty retail units. I can only presume they have been reposessed by a bank, but they are crying out for some TLC.

No Vibes


This building always intrigues me. According to Google, Vibes is still open, but not before 1AM. The last activity for the place on Facebook though is from 2022. So the Google information might just be a ghost in the machine.

But that's not why the building intrigues me. I am fascinated by the Bowling Alley next to the club. I would love to have a wander around there, but it is completely locked down.

Work In Progress


A closer look at the Lineker Building confirms my suspicion that not a lot is going on since it was tidied.

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