Kato Paphos Part 2 - The Sea Front

Published 10th of November, 2021



Being a confirmed slaphead this stall is of no interest to me,.



Ok, this may be skillful, but why would anybody want their name on a grain of rice? If you had your name on a potato for instance, you could at least make a hearty meal out of it. There would even be room for a picture.

Tourist Tat


This kind of shop is common in just about any coastal area in Europe. It is a good place to go for postcards (get stamps too) or if you want to get a household item amusingly shaped like a penis.

Cyprus Turtles


And there are a variety of soft toys available too. Cuddly turtles jostle with mutated Pepper Pigs (presumably to avoid copyright infringement) for your attention. You can also get wallets and other "leather" goods, of somewhat questionable origin.

You know what to expect, typical tourist fodder.

Castle View


The harbour always looks lovely when the sun shines.

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