Kato Paphos Part 1

Published 7th of November, 2021

The Castle


Paphos Castle deserves its own article. This is actually a roundabout way of saying it was closed when we went for our walk. If you are itching for some history, here is a bit from Wikipedia:

Paphos Castle is located at the western end of the city port. It was originally a Byzantine fortress built to protect the port. Today, the visitor can see the Western Frankish Tower with the Venetian additions as restored by the Ottomans in 1592, according to a relevant inscription above the entrance of the castle. A white marble slab (dimensions: 150 × 40 cm) above the entrance of the tower refers to its reconstruction in 1592 AD, by the Turkish governor of Cyprus Ahmet Pasha (1589–1593).

Fifties View


Whoever built the castle certainly knew what they were doing, because it features prominently in all of the pictures. If you look here though you will see that the buildings to the right of the castle are still there now.

Older Walls


Next to the castle you can also see some of the old city walls.

Back In The Fifties


Unsurprisingly, the old walls were there back in the Fifties, too. I don't know if they were actually fishing in this shot or whether they were just trying to tidy up their nets.



Harbours are very photogenic places.

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