Kato and Pano Kivides

Published 8th of September, 2019

Heavy Undergrowth


We weren't able to spend much time wandering through the ruins here, because there was so much undergrowth. The winter rains have caused an explosion in flora, which has become a fire hazard. Thankfully, I don't think the fires have been as bad as they could have been, and that is a complete credit to the fire and forestry departments. On our many travels we have come across several very well maintained fire breaks, not to mention fire engines and marshals on the lookout for the tell tale signs of smoke.

Church Foundations


They obviously took great care when they built this church to ensure it had solid foundations.

Old Entrance


The church has two entrances. As we were coming from the rear of the village I guess this was the back door. I wonder what those seats are there for? They look like old pews. Are they now there for goat herds to rest on? If you see a random seat in the middle of the countryside it is normally there for a goat herder.



That plaque appears to commemorate something that happened in 1929.

Abandoned Outhouse


I find it strange that they look after the church (clearly) but not the outhouse that was next to it. Perhaps the church has been renovated in the recent past. Who knows?

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