Old Paramali - Aphrodite meets Call of Duty

Published 27th of July, 2019

Fancy a trip that starts with a romantic trip to Aphrodite's Rock and ends up in a Call of Duty game? It's got to be worth a look, so let take a look at the old, abandoned village that lies on the opposite side of the motorway to Paramali.

The Lurve Connection


Our journey will start with a visit to Aphrodite's Rock. We are driving past it anyway, so we thought it rude not to visit.

Flag Day


We will also pop in to see this rather nice little church, on the outskirts of the old village.

Distant Old Paramali


But this is the main focus of our visit today. Don't worry, this won't be a tour of a field of hay bales, I am of course referring to the old village you can see behind it.

Old Paramali


Not content with being an old abandoned village, Old Paramali also has a military claim to fame. The nearby British Base play wargames here, amongst the ruins, as you shall see...

Pretty Stuff


There will also be a couple of flower shots. Not many though, as it is really the wrong time of year for that.

Ok, so have we whetted your appetite? Read on...

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