Geroskipou Sculpture Park Update

Published 10th of May, 2018

Play Ground


Incidentally, the playground they have here is on the bounciest safety turf I have ever walked on. You could drop an egg here and it wouldn't break. But please don't try.

Another Original Piece


You can see in the background that work is progressing, so what is happening?

No Idea


Don't know what's going on there. However, after tomorrow, all will be clearer.


The article I was sent a link to also contains some lovely pictures of the artists at work, along with some text which google translated as follows:

Until tomorrow, Thursday, May 10, 2018, the sculptures of the 2nd International Symposium of Sculpture, organized by the Municipality of Geroskipou from 30 April, are expected to be completed with the participation of ten (10) sculptors from Cyprus and abroad.

The aim of the event is the enrichment of the Park of Myths and Sculpture, created in September 2017, in collaboration with the Cultural Capital Pafos 2017, and on the other hand the creation of a cultural reference point of modern Geroskipou. Already the Park of Myths and Sculpture is visited daily by dozens of foreign visitors.

The Closing Ceremony of the Symposium and the official presentation of the sculptures to the public will take place on 11 May 2018 at 6.30pm at the Park of Myths and Sculpture. Among other things, a greeting will be addressed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CTO, Mr. Angelos Loizou.

For information: Cultural Center of Geroskipou Municipality / 26 960 857.

Propel Yourself To Visit


Bad jokes aside, this is well worth your support. It also answers the question posed by people who were worried that the improvement work to Paphos would stop once Pafos2017 was complete. Clearly, it isn't stopping. Long may it continue!

We will return shortly, to photograph the sculpture park again, when all the new creations are on display.

Incidentally, to find the park, drive out of Paphos towards Geroskipou, from the Debenhams Roundabout, and turn left just before the TT Bar. Here it is on google maps.

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