Fabrica Hill in 2023

Published 5th of November, 2023

A few years ago we took you on a tour around Fabrica Hill. As it is an Archaeological Site you could be forgiven for thinking that it hasn't changed in that time, but you would be wrong. There is still plenty of Archaeology waiting to be discovered there, and every year there are new digs. So how have things changed since we were last there?

Fabrica Hill Roundabout


We begin our adventure floating above the lovely roundabout that guides people on their way. I read a few years ago that the design represented a map of Paphos. I haven't been able to find the article since, but if you are curious about the design, that is what it is.

Kings Avenue Mall


Here you can see various aspects of Paphos. There is the Mall itself, the roundabout and in front of them Fabrica Hill itself, with all its history. The brown monorail you can see is actually a walkway which takes you from one of the Archaeological Park exits to the top of the hill. It takes about 10 minutes to walk it at a relaxed pace, with a couple of photographs along the way.

Towards Chloraka


As I had the drone up in the air I thought I may as well get some shots of the surrounding area too. This is the view towards Coral Bay. On the left you can see the coast path, winding its way towards Sandy Beach in Lemba. In this shot it passes the Elysium before skirting the border of the Tomb of the Kings. Eventually (we are told) it will reach all the way to Coral Bay.

The Archaeological Park


Moving anti-clockwise, this shot initially looks fairly barren. It actually shows the Archaeological Park, and there is plenty to see. On the bottom right you can see the ruins of an ancient basilica. Above that, next to the shrubs (they are actually trees growing a hole, if memory serves correctly) you will find Toumpallos. This is one of my favourite parts of the Archaeological Park. It is the reains of an Army Camp, as well as an early church. Well worth a visit if you are seeing the park. For more information on the Archaeological Park click the link.

On the middle right of the picture you can see a building of some sort. This is in face Saranta Kolones, or 40 Column Fortress. You should make that part of your Archaeological Park itinary too. In the centre you have the lighthouse. In front of it you can see the ancient Outdoor Theatre. There are also some other ruins there they are in the process of excavating. on top of all that you have the mosaicsa and all the ruins surrounding them. So if you are visiting Paphos, make sure you visit the Archaeological Park. Entrance is only €4.50 and that is huge value for money.

Sea Front View


This is the view down to the Seafront and Harbour.

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