Ezousa Washout

Published 8th of March, 2019

Episkopi Picnic Spot


This area has puzzled me for a while though. We stumbled on this old picnic area on our first visit, some 12 years ago. It looked dilapidated then, and we were surprised when we passed it by on another visit to see signs that the site had been used. So the swings may not be in particularly good nick, but you can still have a perfectly good picnic here.

Or you could, anyway.

Missing Swings


Unfortunately, the Ezousa River has obviously burst its banks here recently. The entire park has been under water. The swings have been washed away, or possibly they just disintegrated.

Missing Table Tops


Two of the concrete table tops have also been washed away. You can see one of them on the floor here. The good news is that one of the tables has survived, so it is still possible to have a picnic here. Just don't invite too many friends.

Stubborn See-Saw


The see-saw was obviously made of stronger stuff than the swings.

High Water


The river itself is still bursting at the seams too. It isn't normally like this.

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