Evretou Reflections

Published 17th of November, 2019

Take Your Litter Home With You...


From Byron's we took the B7 towards Polemi, and turned right at the sign for the Sulphur Spa. We followed the sign to the base of the valley and parked up by the trail. There was a farmer there tending his field, and we swapped Kalimeras.


Our daughter wasn't with us when we first visited the sulphur spring, so I brought her here to see them and because I thought she would like the scenery which is quite similar to parts of the UK. Now, when we first visited the place, it hadn't rained for ages, and consequently, there wasn't much smell of sulphur.


However, the area around the springs has had a fair bit of rain over the last few days, and boy could you tell. Not only could you hear a bit of a torrent from the stream, but the smell of sulphur was much, much stronger.


Indeed, by the time we got to the bridge, where we intended eating the crisps, it smelled so bad that we decided to eat them back at the car instead. So if you plan on visit the springs, don't go after rainfall. Seriously, it was really bad.

Fruits of our Labours


When we returned to our car, the farmer came over to say hello again. We had a brief, broken conversation, and held our nose to indicate the smell. He went off and returned with four oranges. I had one there and it was absolutely delicious. The other three will be eaten later. If the farmer happens to view this blog, many thanks for the fruit, it was lovely. Miliou has an Orange Festival each summer, and next year we will definitely have to pay it a visit.

So that was a typical sunday morning stroll. It is worth getting out and saying hello to the countryside. At the moment it is looking especially beautiful.

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