Evretou Reflections

Published 17th of November, 2019


Actually, talk of litter brings me back to the fires. I mentioned before that there had been a lot of speculation. I have seen nine possible causes listed in social media (so far). Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Hunters via discarded cigarettes etc

2. Hunters to get animals out of hiding places

3. Big business wanting to build on the land

4. Land owners wanting to sell the land

5. Firemen wanting overtime.

6. Random arsonists

7. Caused by sun reflecting off rubbish etc

8. Farmers burning stubble.

9. Farmers clearing land for new use.

Take your pick. But bear in mind:

1. Fires didn't just occur on hunting days.

2. Theres a fair amount of rubbish out there.

3. Firemen risk their lives to put these fires out.

4. Farmers get the EU subsidy cut if there is a fire on their land

Smoke On The Water


Thinking about it, I recently saw another possible cause, involving warring hunters. But my point is, nobody really knows yet. However, there are two things that we can all do to cut down the risk of future fires.

My Personal Favourite


The first is simple: don't litter. Take all your litter home with you. Litter can start fires. If you are reading this you probably care about the countryside already and don't litter. However, you are bound to know somebody who is not so careful. So nag them.

Heading: evretou-reflections_09


The second thing we can all do is sign this petition:

Petition to Protect The Akamas

It has over 20,000 signatures now, so join in and get your voice heard!


Anyway, I could sense that our daughter was getting a bit restless now, so we drove along the ridge of the reservoir to stock up on provisions at Byron's Half Way Market. When we have our walks, we normally have a break for a packet of crisps at some point. Today was going to be no exception.

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