Cali Resort And Spa Is Open!

Published 1st of June, 2024

Cali Resort and Spa has opened its doors to the Public! As promised, on May 31st the first guests arrived and are currently being pampered or lazing by the pool. This is a very brief article showing you what it is like inside. They are still finishing off the landscaping and once it is complete we will have a full report.

Enter Here!


I have to admit I didn't think I would be writing this today. I had driven down to Coral Bay Strip to film the fact that it was now open for traffic. In passing, I noticed that sunbeds were now by the pool at the Cali Resort. It was due to open at the end of May, but when I had last seen it they still had a bit of work to do. Well, fair play to them, because they got it looking like this and opened yesterday, on May 31st.



To be honest, I wasn't dressed for a tour of a nice posh new hotel. I had been flying the drone and was fairly dusty, but I wandered into Reception trying to look as smart as I could.

Very Nice


The interior looks lovely. A person who I presume was a concierge or similar enquired if they could help. I just asked if it was ok to take some pictures. I was in no position for a grand tour though, so took just took enough to show that the Spa was indeed open. I will return at a later date for a proper tour. As I said at the start, they are still working on the landscaping of the grounds, but the interior and the pool area are great.

Pool View


On the way out I took a discrete shot of the pool. There were swimmers, and more people sat in the bar area. It looked very nice.

From Above


This is a drone view of the pool area I took while filming the Strip. It has been transformed from even a month ago. When I do the full tour, I will include some of the unpublished pictures I have taken over the last few weeks. It will be interesting to see how the project has evolved. But full marks to all concerned. I can definitely confirm that it is open for business.

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