Petratis Gorge - Part 1

Published 12th of June, 2023

Cyprus has an abundance of beautiful gorges. Most people know about Avakas, but there are many others. Petratis Gorge first came to our attention when we visited the Akamas Geology Centre. We saw it pictured and felt it needed further investigation. A quick google revealed that it was remarkably close to the Northern town of Latchi. So we set out to see what we could find. We weren't disappointed, as you shall see...

Meet The Gorge


This is a big article. It will be published in two parts. There is also a film that accompanies it, which is over an hour long. With that in mind, I thought it would make sense to provide you with a one page summary first. The adventure started with a drone flight over the gorge.

No Entry


I tried numerous ways to get to the bottom. The map indicated that a bridge spanned it at one point, so I started there. I had no luck, but flew the drone to get a better view. I returned later for another go, but had no luck.

Goat Farm View


I also tried approached from the top end of the Gorge. Indeed, later in the year when the vegetation has died back and there is less water, I shall try again.

Down The Side


By studying satellite views and my own drone footage, I eventually found what looked like a doable route. The only downside was that it started in the middle of nowhere, and the drive there was very bumpy.

At The Bottom


The journey was worth it though, as the base of the gorge was stonkingly beautiful, though I have yet to explore it properly.

Ok, that's the summary. If you want to join me for the full story, go to the next page.

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