St Georges Beach and Monument

Published 10th of March, 2022

Chloraka has an interesting coastline that is often overlooked, perhaps because its lack of visibility from the main coast road. In this article, we explore the area around St George's Beach. Come with us as we try to fathom out what the monument is about!

View From The Carpark


We've been close to the beach here before. We wrote an article on St George's Chapel a while ago. That is just to the left of this picture, beyond the hotel (conveniently called St George's). To get to this carpark, you turn left from the coast road at the traffic lights by the chapel. Then, instead of taking another left to the chapel itself, stay on the road that turns to the right. You will soon be here.

View From Above


I had my drone with me today, and it wasn't too windy, so I was able to get some drone shots as well. This is looking towards the car park from the beach area.

Nice Undergrowth


You can't beat a good bit of fennel. That's the long plants you can see in a row. In truth though, I was actually photographing the clouds in this shot. The whispy ones look like a mult-dimensional pheonix flying through the air.

Park Up Top


Somebody had parked on the rocks, but I wouldn't recommend it. Park in the area above. As you can see, there are a lot of nooks and crannies here. Also, there is a path that runs from right to left and goes all the way from Paphos Castle to Sandy Beach in Lemba. One day I will do a walking film of it.



Ok, so according to this sign, St Georges Beach is actually called Alitzi.

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