Melandra Poppy Hunt

Published 22nd of March, 2021

A few summers ago, we came across a field of poppies near to the abandoned village of Melandra. Ever since then we've tried to rediscover them, so we can photograph them with our swanky new cameras.

From Above


As you can see, the area is very green at the moment. Anyway, on the way to Melandra, we passed a field we had photographed last year. This wasn't the original poppy field, but it had plenty of poppies in when we last visited. This year, it was growing wheat. From this we deduced that the poppy fields only spring up when the field in question is allowed to lie fallow.

Melandra From Above


Not to be disappointed, we continued into Melandra, to have another look at it. If you want more information about this abandoned village, you should take a look at our first Melandra blog. There is a link below.


The drone gives us a nice view of the village. We can see a lot more of the ruins from this angle.

A Church And A Mosque


These days, Melandra is most well known for the mosque and church which sit side by side. There is another church further up the hill too. Considering the village is deserted, having two working churches may seem like overkill. However, churches are very common in Cyprus, and they don't necessarily have services every week. Some only open once a year, on a particular Saint's Day.

Virtual Views

As you can see from these overhead panoramas, Cyprus is a particularly green and pleasant land in Spring.

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