Abandoned Villages: Alevga

Published 31st of January, 2020

Alevga was abandoned as a result of the Battle of Tillyria in 1964. Nestled close to the border with the Occupied Area, it now lies in ruins save for barns which have been used by nearby farmers. We took a look over the remains of what must have once been a beautiful little village...

Across The Valley


We actually start our blog in a different abandoned village. This shot was taken on the other side of the valley, in what remains of Selladi tou Appi. We start here because you can get a nice shot of Alevga from this angle. Any closer and the trees get in the way.

Old School


Besides, both Seladi tou Appi and Alevga shared the same fate. We haven't done a blog about the former though, because this is all that remains of it.

Somebody Nicked The Blackboard


That horizontal grey bit is a sure sign that the building used to be a school. We have seen it in other abandoned villages like Zacharia, and when we visited the school at Ayios Ioannis it was obvious that this shape indicated a school.

Happy Birthday Katha!


They had a nice view from the window. I wonder if Katha did have a nice birthday?

Not Too Shabby


I'll tell you what though, these villages might have been abandoned, but the water features are certainly looked after. There were lots of them too. But I am getting ahead of myself.

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