Tis Pizzas Mezeklikia

Published 20th of October, 2020

Eating out in Cyprus needn't cost an arm and a leg, especially if you go native. And guess what? Cypriots love pizza. They also like souvlaki, and jumbo pork chops, so a place that offers all three is definitely worth a visit. Join us, as we feast on some top-notch nosebag at one of our favourite Polis taverns...

This Must Be The Place


The pandemic has not been kind to restaurants. Social distancing requirements and lack of tourist trade have dented many balance sheets. So it is important to support them by using them when you can. And I wanted a mixed grill.

Early Doors


The restaurant is located on the main Polis-Latchi road. It is on your left as you leave Polis, just past a row of shops and a set of traffic lights. We will include a link to our directory entry for it at the end. This also has a map.

We arrived fairly early on Sunday for our food. If you saw the pictures I posted on Facebook about a Sunday morning swim, this was where we went afterwards. Consequently we had the place to ourselves. Before the pandemic, this place would be busier over Sunday lunch, but from reviews it is clear that most of the customers arrive for evening meals.

Typical Decor


Speaking of pandemics, we availed ourselves of the takeaway services here on numerous occasions during lockdown. We would phone our order ahead, collect it, and find a nice spot to eat on the way home to Polemi. It wasn't quite the same as sitting down and eating it, but it came pretty close.

They had a reduced menu during lockdown though, and the mixed grill was off the menu. It was back on now, and calling me...

The Menu


So let's have a look at the menu. Aside from starters, the first page has pasta and salads. You get decent sized portions in Cyprus, so we don't tend to bother with a first course.

Kebab Time


Normally I don't stray from this page. Well, the right hand page, anyway, unless we are ordering takeaways. My wife and daughter often have a pizza, but on this occasion, we were all going for grills.

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