Mandria Murals

Published 25th of January, 2024

It is nearly 10 years since the first StreetArt Festival occurred in Paphos. For three glorious years various walls around Old Town were adorned with murals, and some remain to this day. The spirit of the festival lives on, with murals appearing around Polis a couple of years ago. Now Mandria has joined the scene with an amazing series of murals decorating the motorway underpass into the village.

The A6 Underpass


This is the motorway underpass, as seen from the Mandria side. I shall walk along the left-hand side and photograph the right wall, and do the same the other way on my return.

Credit Where Credit Is Due


Before we continue, I will first mention the artist responsible. So say hello to Rafael Stavrinou and his assistant Markos Papa (whose name I couldn't find on Facebook).

Let Us Begin


Now, originally I wasn't going to provide much commentary to this article. It is after all a collection of self-explanatory pictures. However, having perused the Artist's Facebook page, I found a description he provided himself. So I shall reproduce that here.

In the entrance of Mandria, a vibrant mural unfolded, a 540m x 6m - two sided canvas that became a living tapestry of the community. Over five months, the artists intricately blended mythology, the meandering river that flows through the location, diverse bird species, and the cherished traditions of Mandria.


Each stroke tells a story - Greek God figures such as Aphrodite and Zephyr are forming a resurection of Mythology and providing to the viewer the deeper spirit of the community.

Majestic Eagles


Birds took flight, a kaleidoscope of colours symbolising diversity and freedom. From the majestic eagles to the humble bee eater, each feathered creature mirrored the varied pesonalities that graced Mandria.

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