Latsi Craft Market

Published 11th of August, 2022

Paphos has a number of Craft Markets that pop up from time to time. The last one we went to was in Latsi, and we had our cameras with us to show you what we found...

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The Craft Market is at the Eastern end of Latsi Harbour, so if you are coming from Polis you can park in the car park before the harbour. During busy times (like August) the centre of Latsi can fill up, so grab a space while you can.

From the car park it is a short walk to the harbour itself, so head towards the boats.

Distant Statue


We wrote an article (and made a film) about Latsi Harbour a while ago, so if you want more information on it, hit the link.

The Market Itself


We've arrived at the market now. It's early doors and will get a lot busier. The next craft market is on the 14th August, from 9AM to 1PM. I mention this on the first page so that even idle browsers will know all the information they need to visit. However, this probably won't stop somebody asking when the next market is...

Let's Check The Stalls


The first stall we visited was selling mosaics. There are a fair number of mosaic makers in Paphos. I guess it follows in the tradition witnessed at the Archaeological Park. The competition means that the standard is very high. These mosaics are by an artist call Guri, who you can contact on 99015044

Close Up


You can pick up some lovely mementos and gifts here.

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