Droushia Roadworks

Published 31st of May, 2023

The roads between Paphos and Polis tend to suffer from erosion. Perhaps it is due to the gypsum in the area? The B7 was recently reinforced above Giolou, for the third time in recent years. Similarly, the Kathikas-Polis road has had problems below Droushia - and been repaired - on what is almost an annual event. This time it looks like they took lessons from the B7 work. As our drone shots will show, they appear to be making substantial enhancements to the road now.

Droushia Hills


The roadworks are just below Droushia. Fortunately, if you are travelling from Kathikas to Polis, you can follow a small diversion through Droushia itself. It brings you back out at Gravity Road, which is to the right of this picture.



It looks like they are building an entire supporting wall.


They used a similar technique on the B7.

Collapsed Road


You can see in this picture how much of the original road has fallen away.

Work In Progress


It looks like there is a fair amount of work still to do here.

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