Coral Bay Strip Renovations - March Update

Published 28th of March, 2024

It's time for the March Update on the renovations occurring on the Coral Bay Strip. So on Wednesday I met up with the two responsible engineers for a progress report. Come and find out how it is going...

Site Entrance


So once again I find myself at the site entrance to the Coral Bay Strip Renovations Project. Today (March 27th) is overcast, which means the pictures will all look a bit gloomy. However, I am happy to report that the project itself is going well.

Meet My Chaperones


I obviously wasn't allowed to wander around the site on my own. I met with the same two people who showed me around in February. This is Demitris, the Supervising Engineer. I last saw him at the Carnival, where he was in costume and looked a bit different! We chatted about this while we waited for the site to go on a 10 minute tea break. This was our signal to begin the tour.


And this is the Municipal Engineer and the Coordinator of the Project, Mr Pantelis Pantelidis.

View From Above


I also brought my drone with me, so you can have a better view of what is going on. In total I will publish three films on my visit today. Coral Bay Strip Renovations - March Update is live now, and accompanies this article. There will also be a film of drone footage, and a driving film where I show you how to get to the restaurants that are still open.



The first question I asked my hosts was naturally enough - how is the project progressing? I was very pleased to hear that it is on schedule and they were still looking at the Strip re-opening by the end of April. There will be a bit of work to do in May, but it will be open come the end of April.

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