Coral Bay Roadworks

Published 8th of January, 2024

The Coral Bay Strip is having a bit of a facelift, and that's putting it mildy. The entire road is closed and it has been dug up. With the help of our trusty drone, we have been having a look to see what is going on.

View From The Coast


We begin our journey at the coastal end of Coral Bay Strip, next to the old Crown Resorts Horizon and 2nd Cup. Incidentally there will be a separate report on the Hotel upgrade along tomorrow.

UPDATE: if your business is on Coral Bay Strip and still open for business via a back entrance, please let us know and we will be happy to mention that in this article.

UPDATE: the following places are still open and accessible from their rear.

Chalkies, Zentas, Kikkos and Andria

NB: this is from Facebook. I haven't verified it myself. If in doubt, call the establishment first.

UPDATE: I have spoked to the Chief Civil Engineer of the Project and he confirms that the road will be re-opened by the end of April, and the final landscaping will be complete by May 11th.

Above Dolve Vita


The first thing to note is that all the tarmac on the road has completely been removed. You can an access pipe they are installing.

Dolce Vita is the Italian Restaurant on the left here. It used to be called King's, and I was quite fond of their T-Bone steaks back in the day.


There is a junction here. Years ago, on our first visit to Cyprus, we stayed in a villa down that road. I remember that it ponged a bit on the walk from the Strip to our digs, so I imagine this pipework is to counteract that.

Blazing Saddles


The junction is next to Blazing Saddles. I had heard that they were closing for good, but can see no mention of it on their Facebook page. They are clearly closed now though. This begs the question, how long will these roadworks take? I had heard that they were aiming for June, but have seen nothing official yet. A quick google revealed the following announcement about the work itself:

According to the mayor of Peyia Marino Lambrou, the project concerns the reconstruction and beautification of a section of Coral Bay Avenue in Peyia, the removal of inferior and inappropriate unlicensed constructions on the surface of the road, the enrichment and upgrading of the functional infrastructure and the construction of facilities for the attracting visitors.

The Project, according to the mayor of Peyia, includes the elevation of the road to the same level as the sidewalks, the placement of granite stones throughout the width and length of the section under construction, the construction of a rainwater drainage system, the undergrounding of the Public Utility Services and a modern Road Lighting.


Access Pipe


I looked on the Peyia Municipality Facebook Page too. They had their own announcement, but no end date was mentioned. I couldn't help but notice the comment somebody had left. Hopefully that won't prove to be the case...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha .... You destroyed tourism and businesses in Upper Pegeia, now you are setting sail for the Gulf of Corals. Really, how many years does it take to build a few kilometers road? Not even Arta's bridge... The patience of the residents of the area is lost...

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