Coral Bay Strip Update - February 2024

Published 7th of February, 2024

A month ago we reported on the building work that was happening to the Coral Bay Strip. As a result of that article the Supervising Engineer of the Project contacted us and offered to show me around the site and tell me exactly what was going on. So on tuesday I was given the grand tour.

Work In Progress


This is the building site that is currently Coral Bay Strip. The entrance to the site is at the front left of this picture, behind Ocean Basket Restaurant.

The Entrance


When I arrived I parked near the main entrance and walked to meet my hosts.


There was lot of work going on, all over the site. I think this chap was an Electrician. When I arrived the site work stopped for safety reasons and I was escorted throughout my visit. I mention this in case anybody wonders why my hosts or myself weren't wearing safety equipment (other than sturdy boots).

Do not try and go for a stroll yourself, because Site Security will not appreciate it.

Meet My Hosts


This is Demetris. He is the Supervising Engineer on the Project. He contacted me after seeing the first report and drone footage, and wanted to give as much information as possible so the public would know what was happening. I'm all for that and hopefully it will put an end to some of the pub gossip that has been circulating.

The Man From The Municipality


My other guide was the Municipal Engineer and the Coordinator of the Project, Mr Pantelis Pantelidis.

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