Skarfos Revisited

Published 21st of January, 2020

It's been quite some time since we visited Skarfos Bridge. One of the most accessible of the Venetian Bridges in the Paphos region, it is nevertheless off most people's radars. It has recently had a bit of a face-lift, so hopefully that will change. Skarfos Bridge is definitely open for business...

An Impressive Bridge


We took this picture a couple of weeks ago. Skarfos Bridge looks quite impressive in this shot. The winter rains have provided a decent river to help set the scene. A new visitor stumbling upon this sight might be a bit puzzled by the amount of rocky soil surrounding the structure, but they would have no idea how much the area had changed since last spring.

Two Years Ago


However, if we turn back the clock a couple of years, and take some pictures out of the first blog we did on Skarfos, you can see how much has changed.

Re-routed River


For a start, the river has been re-routed back under the bridge. They have also cleared away a lot of topsoil, so you can see much more of the structure.



Which begs the question, why was the river re-routed in the first place? Did it happen naturally, or was it a deliberate attempt to protect the bridge until they had sufficient means to repair it properly?

Time Travel


I'm guessing it was a man-made alteration. If it was a natural change of course it would have gone further to the left. It is amazing how quickly nature can take over a place though, because I remember standing at this point, and you would not be able to tell by looking at it that the riverbank was artificial. Give the renovated bridge a couple of years and that rocky soil will look a lot more natural, too.

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