Routhouni Bridge

Published 13th of May, 2021

We've shown you a number of Venetian Bridges over the years, but today we're going a bit further back in time. Routhouni Bridge is a Frankian Bridge, which is even older. It can be found in the countryside near to the village of Amargeti. Let's go and take a look.

The Road To Amargeti


Finding the bridge is not easy, so we are going to give you a detailed description of the route. We also include a map at the end.

We start out on the E606. This is the road that runs from Agia Varvara up to Pano Panagia. We recently featured the route in several 360 films which were also uploaded to Google Street View. In this instance however, we shall turn left here, and head towards Amargeti.

Amargeti Countryside


This is the kind of countryside we shall be driving through. It is not as green as it was a few weeks ago. The heat of the soon-to-be-summer sun is beginning to turn the landscape brown.

Turn Left Here


Soon after your turning, you need to turn left again here.

Nice Wall


Not strictly relevant to this blog, but I did like the wall in front of the house you pass on your right.

Very Nice


I liked the repeating pattern.

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