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Published 10th of July, 2023

Amiantos Hospital was abandoned in the Eighties, when the nearby mine closed down. along with the nearby village of Pano Amiantos. Now it is slowly being reclaimed by nature while at the same time being used as a sketchpad by the local graffiti artists. If you want some easy-access Urban Exploring in an amazin location, it is a good place to head for.

Birds-Eye View


We first reported from this area six years ago. If you want to take a look at that, see our original report on The Abandoned Hospital at Amiantos Mine. We didn't have a drone then though, so were unable to bring you shots like this.

Start Here


This time we parked in the same location, because that is the only entrance. To find out exactly where this is, use the map here. it is worth a trip, and doesn't require a 4X4 to get to. Plus you are near other attractions like the nature reserve, and not too far away from Kakopetria.

Nature vs Spraypaint


Nature is competing with the local graffiti artists to see who can prettify the area. I think nature is winning.

Short Cut?


On your arrival you should keep to the right. This will take you past some windows that have had the glass broken out of them. You may be tempted to see this as a point of entry, but there is no need. Why risk cutting your hands when there is an easier route in a short while?


Some of the graffiti sprayers have more talent than others.

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Amiantos Mine can be found in the Troodos Mountains. It used to be the largest asbestos mine in Europe, but now it is gathering rust. For obvious reasons you cannot explore the mine itself, but there is a nearby visitor centre and nature reserve. Also, nestled in the hills you will find the old workers' quarters and the hospital that looked after them. Let's take a look.

The Abandoned Hospital at Amiantos Mines

The Cyprus Asbestos Mine is situated right in the heart of Troodos forest. Following a continuous operation of 84 years, the mine came to a sudden closure in 1988, leaving behind large volumes of waste tips, a badly designed mine pit and an unacceptable environmental scar to an otherwise heavily forested natural beauty area. It also left behind a hospital, which now stands abandoned on the other side of the valley. While environmental steps have been taken to turn the area near the mines into a nature park, the hospital has been let to nature.

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