The Abandoned Hospital at the Amiantos Asbestos Mine

Published 16th of July, 2017

The Cyprus Asbestos Mine is situated right in the heart of Troodos forest. Following a continuous operation of 84 years, the mine came to a sudden closure in 1988, leaving behind large volumes of waste tips, a badly designed mine pit and an unacceptable environmental scar to an otherwise heavily forested natural beauty area.

It also left behind a hospital, which now stands abandoned on the other side of the valley. While environmental steps have been taken to turn the area near the mines into a nature park, the hospital has been let to nature.

Though a fair journey from Paphos, it makes an excellent day trip. The nature park has a lovely picnic area and the hospital is accessible from the main road, so you don't need a 4x4 to explore. And explore you should, as our photos will reveal..


Park Here


Amiantos is easy to find when you have reached the Troodos. You can see a map here. Once you have parked here, you can see the rooftops of your hospital. Across the valley you can see the buildings of the mine itself.

A First Look


Heading towards the hospital, you are soon in the shade, and surrounded by eerie buildings.

Fancy a Swim?


I was amazed to see this pond still full of water. I wonder what the source is?

Rear Entrance


This is the easiest way in and out of the hospital. Watch out for broken glass though.

Out Houses


There are a couple of other buildings too, though they were fairly non-descript. The upper one showed promise, as all the front doors were locked, but you could see (and climb) through the windows on the other side, and they were plainly empty.

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