Pantheon Hall - Part 1.

Published 29th of May, 2020

We've always loved urban exploring - visiting abandoned old buildings - and Cyprus has more than its fair share, from old hotels to forgotten hospitals for disused mines. When we discovered the place we are about to show you though, we really hit the Urbex Jackpot. This place is amazing, and has a remarkably colourful past as well.



I can't remember where we were driving too when I first spotted this place. In truth, I had seen it many times before. For some reason though, this time, I caught a view from such an angle that it made me think something was not as it seemed. So I took a detour off the main road and went for a closer look.

From a distance, you don't notice the weeds and vegetation, but get close, and it is clear that this building has seen better days.



As well as a nice, inviting, open gate, the open manhole gives a clue that this place is abandoned. Somebody has obviously half-inched the lid. If you remember the abandoned ranch we blogged about a while ago, the road to the main entrance was completely devoid of manhole covers.

Front Graphics


At first glance, it looks like the chap on the right is sat on the can coveting a toilet roll. Must have been a pandemic on.

Down The Alley


Anyway, the gate was open, so I took a wander...



In case you are one of those people that ditch a blog after the first page if it isn't interesting enough, this is a foretaste of what's to come. This place is amazing!

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