Inside Bar Street

Published 18th of November, 2021

In our last blog we took a walk down Bar Street, as part of our series on Kato Paphos. In this article we put that series on hold to do a bit of Urban Exploring, so join us as we pick through the broken debris of some of the abandoned Bar Street clubs...

Start Here


We'll start where we started the last blog - at the Geroskipou end of Bar Street. This time though, rather than look for something nice to say about the place, we are going to dive straight in to the grot.



Safe to say that this place is no longer open, and ripe for a bit of urban exploring. Let's go in...



This place needs a bit more than a lick of paint.

Side Room


Entering as we did from the Geroskipou end, there is a side room which contains this spiral staircase, leading up into darkness. Normally I would have been straight up there, but the place smelled quite strongly of wee, so I decided to seek another way up.

On The Pole


Did they used to have pole dancing here? I never went when it was open. I only ever visited Cyprus as a family man with a wife and kids in tow. That isn't conducive to a night out on the tiles sticking low-denomination notes into knicker elastic.

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