Ayios Ioannis Part 2

Published 25th of August, 2019

In the concluding part of our visit to Ayios Ioannis we continue through the village before visiting an old abandoned school, and finish up gazing down upon the Xeros Valley and Paphos Forest.

The Mosque


We finished the last blog standing by the shuttered tavern. To our right you can see the mosque. We will have a look around the front of it in good time. First though, I want to walk in a loop through the village.

If you have not yet seen the first part of this blog please use the link below and read that first.

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TC Routes


Now this was interesting, to me at least. A signpost to Vretsia. If you don't know Vretsia, it is an abandoned village on the opposite side of the Xeros Valley. We have explored it on many occasions, and the surrounding countryside. I know that the terrain below Vretsia can be a bit of a challenge, even if you are in a 4x4, so I was interested to see where this route actually went. However, it would take us away from the village we were in, so I have had to file this for another date...

New Signs?


I guess what puzzles me more than anything, is that these signs appear fairly new. They certainly don't look over 50 years old. Somebody is obviously still maintaining them.

Signs of Life


Clearly somebody still lives here.

Signs of Life


Somebody lives here too! They struck up a conversation with us as we walked past. I'm afraid my Greek isn't up to much and I think I gave them the impression that I was Polish, somehow.

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