Cyprus Roadtrips 3 and 4

Published 28th of May, 2023

Finally, after years in the making - thanks to COVID - we are proud to bring you our third and fourth Road Trip eBooks on Cyprus. In these two outings we take you to the North Coast of Paphos and Nicosia, from Polis all the way to Kato Pyrgos. In this article we give you a taste of what you can expect to find along the way.

Limni Pier


This was originally going to be a single eBook, but it kept getting bigger and bigger. So I decided to split it in two. The natural cut-off point was Pachyammos. Beyond that lie Kato and Pano Pyrgos, not to mention an abandoned village or two. That portion became Road Trip 3. This left Pachyammos itself, and the area between Pomos and Polis to be described in Road Trip 4. However, whichever trip you decide to take, you will more than likely get their via Polis and the coast road. One of the first places you will see is Limni Pier.

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Near Pomos


From Polis you have to drive up the coast towards Pomos. You will love the scenery.



After Pachyammos, the third Road Trip officially starts. To get to Kato Pyrgos, you have to go inland for a bit, because of a Turkish enclave. On the way you will pass through the abandoned village of Alevga.

Quaint Taverns


You will also pass this nice tavern when you are driving through Mosfili.

Handy Maps


To help you on your way, the eBooks contain numerous handy maps we have constructed to help. In conjunction with the text and literally hundreds of pictures, they should keep you on track.

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