Cyprus Snow

Published 14th of March, 2022

The weather in Cyprus has gone a little bit crazy at the moment. Yesterday it snowed in Nicosia, and on the beach at Argaka. It snowed in Polemi too, and we went for a drive up to Panagia again. We got further this time, as you shall see...

I'm Dreaming


As I sit down to write this blog, I can't help thinking how fantastic it would have been if we had snow like this three months ago. Imagine, a white Christmas in Cyprus. When we get to Panagia you will see how festive it looks. You can easily imagine the whole place adorned with Christmas Decorations.

But alas, this is March. And in March, it feels bloody cold!

The Road To Panagia


When we set off from Polemi I mounted the camera on the roof, with a view to filming the journey. I was a bit worried about snow. I wasn't afraid of the camera getting wet - it is waterproof after all. But I didn't want snow to block the lens. I was hoping that the heat the camera generated (they are prone to get hot) who melt any snow.

From The Inside Looking Out


It turns out I was wrong. I stopped at the picnic bench at Asprogia to check on the camera, and it looked like a snowball. So I took it off the roof, brushed off all the snow, and gave it to my co-pilot to hold as steadily as they could.

View From The Back Seat


Meanwhile, Alex was in the back taking pictures as we drove.

Mad March


Yes, this is March. Had it snowed a couple of weeks ago we would have been treated to the sight of seeing shotgun-wielding abominable snowmen, marching through these fields taking potshots at whatever moved. But the hunting season is over now.

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