Garden of Memories Appeal

The Garden of Memories Appeal is being run by St Michael's Hospice, Paphos. We aim to raise €20000 to build a peaceful oasis for our residents and their visitors to relax in.


A Garden of Memories will be a place of relaxation for our Hospice Members, during their stay at the St Michael's Hospice.


The Aim

To further enhance the wonderful facilities at Archangel Michael Hospice, Mesa Chorio, Paphos, Cyprus our team of volunteers from St Michael's Hospice Charity shop in Polemi village have decided that this year they wish to create a Garden of Remembrance in the Hospice grounds completing the work by December. The theme of the garden will be Memory-Reflection-Serenity and will aim to be a place of peace, colour and fragrance.

The garden will have a water feature, shaded seating areas and places where family and visitors can gather for refreshments and conversation, in addition, the design will allow for privacy and quiet contemplation.

Our planting advisers have compiled a list of flowers, shrubs and trees that will have maximum colour and fragrance but low water usage and maintenance.

Although our design has allowed for disabled and wheelchair access we are aware that many patients will be unable to leave their beds. To overcome this and allow those patients to also enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden we will be installing cameras and microphones that will transmit to the bedroom TVs.

Access to a garden is recognised throughout the Hospice Movement as an important element in the provision of holistic palliative care for those suffering from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. We believe the garden will provide areas promoting tranquillity, relaxation and beauty for patients and their families at a most difficult time in their lives.

The project has been fully costed and we hope that with the efforts of St Michael's Charity Shop, Polemi, kind donations from the public and support from local businesses the start and completion dates for this worthwhile cause can be achieved.

How To Donate

Donations by Cheque should be made out to St Michael's Hospice Charity and marked Remembrance Garden. It would be most useful if the donor could include their name, phone number and email address so their kindness can be acknowledged and they can be updated as to what their donation was used to buy. Cash donations should be placed in a sealed envelope along with the donors details as above and marked for the Remembrance Garden Fund. All donations can be handed in to any St Michael's Hospice charity shop or to the Archangel Michael Hospice reception.

The Gallery

Click the first image below to start a slide show which describes our cause, and shows our progress.

Garden Of Memories 01 Hospice SeaGarden Of Memories 02 Hospice ColourGarden Of Memories 03 Hospice AngledGarden Of Memories 04 Side With HospiceGarden Of Memories 05 SideGarden Of Memories 06 Overhead PhotoGarden Of Memories 07 Overhead SketchGarden Of Memories 08 Overhead PlanGarden Of Memories SatelliteGarden Of Memories CgiGarden Of Memories 09 To WorkGarden Of Memories 10 From ThisGarden Of Memories 11 The WorkersGarden Of Memories 12 Nice ShortsGarden Of Memories 13 To ThisGarden Of Memories 14 And ThisGarden Of Memories 15 Add SoilGarden Of Memories 16 The TeamGarden Of Memories 17 The TruckGarden Of Memories 18 Easy Does ItGarden Of Memories 19 BullseyeGarden Of Memories 20 IshGarden Of Memories 21 The SoilGarden Of Memories 22 FunGarden Of Memories 23 DustGarden Of Memories 24 Lots Of SoilGarden Of Memories 25 Job DoneGarden Of Memories 26 RelaxGarden Of Memories 27 PrepareGarden Of Memories 28 FlattenGarden Of Memories 29 FlatGarden Of Memories 30 FlatGarden Of Memories 31 ReadyGarden Of Memories 32 Tbc

Where The Money Goes

Raised Beds 300mm x 600mm. 40 LM x 45/LM . . . €1800.00
Handrails + Gate . . . €900.00
Paved Areas Patterned Concrete: 169㎡ x 25㎡ . . . €4000.00
Hardcore If necessary: 2 loads + compaction. . . . €500.00
Gravel 2 Loads + weed suppressor . . . €900.00
Irrigation + Water / Electricity Supply . . . €700.00
Seats 5 Benches + 2 Picnic Tables . . . €900.00
Pergola inc Canvas Covering . . . €800.00
Shades over Picnic Tables . . . €300.00
Water Feature . . . €400.00
Topsoil 2 loads + fertiliser . . . €800.00
Trees / Shrubs / Plants etc . . . €2000.00
Plaster Existing Walls 50㎡ . . . €400.00
Wheelchair Lift . . . €3600.00
Other . . . €2000.00
Total Cost: €20000

Meet The Team

Steve Wright
Project Manager

Our Project Manager is Mr Steven Wright who is a Civil Engineer and has wide experience in major construction projects throughout Europe and Africa. We are delighted to have him on board and are sure he will deliver a Remembrance Garden to be proud of.
Geoff Eccleston
Project Coordinator

Established and managed St Michael's Charity Shop in Polemi for four years, now concentrating his efforts on the Garden of Memories.
Elaine Ridgewell
Event Sales

Elaine has recently moved to Polemi from the UK, continuing to work in the UK financial sector. On board to help maximise funds from each organised event, her first volunteer experience in Cyprus.
Derek Murphy
Events Organiser

We are fortunate to have Helen and Derek Murphy on board to organize and promote our fund raising events. They have a proud 'track record' of raising many thousands of pounds for good causes in the UK and currently reside in Polemi.
Helen Murphy
Events Organiser

We are fortunate to have Helen and Derek Murphy on board to organize and promote our fund raising events. They have a proud 'track record' of raising many thousands of pounds for good causes in the UK and currently reside in Polemi.

Supporting Contractors

The following people and companies have assisted us (to date)

Geoff Cooper
Paphos Metal LTD

Julian Andrew

Duckworths Electrical

Andy and Ruth Fretwell
Planting advisors. Ex Wisley Hort. College

Clive T. Arnold
Monumental, Architectual Stonemason and Sculptor

Dominic Lloyd
Web Designer

Financial Supporters (To Date)

St Michael's Hospice Charity

St Michael's Hospice Charity Shop, Polemi

Events – Helen and Derek Murphy

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