More Stormy Seas

Published 6th of January, 2020

We had hoped to have some Epiphany Day Celebration photos to show you today. Unfortunately, the wind cooked up a storm and the celebrations had to be cancelled for safety reasons, though they did have a scaled-down version at the port. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade, we say. So we took some pictures of the wind to show you instead...

Asprokremmos Overflows


On the way down to Paphos we popped in to the Asprokremmos Reservoir to see how it was doing. It is overflowing, and because there is still plenty of rain and water coming into the reservoir, it looks a lot more impressive than last year. We took some film here which we will publish in due course. I didn't take many photos though, because the rain started falling really heavily, and I had to make a dash for the car. By the time we left I was completely drenched.

Wind in the Palms


Our final destination was going to be Poseidonos Avenue. For our last outing we did a 360 film along there and now I wanted to take some nice photos. Before we got there, we stopped several times for some more pics. We basically stopped at all the places we didn't last time. So this shot was taken just up the coastline from Riccos. Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel is behind us.

Very Windy


As you can see, it is very windy here. However, it did have the advantage of drying me out a bit. By the time I had made some film clips I was as good as new.

Everybody's Favourite Church


Next up was St Nicholas Church, by the Asimina Suites Hotel. This area has been in the news of late because of archaeological discoveries in the adjoining field.


Other than the winter seaweed, the place is holding up well.

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