Cap St Georges

Published 20th of July, 2017

Cap St Georges is a new commercial venture out near the Akamas. It was recently discussed on the Paphos Life forum, as people were concerned about the level of access to the beach area that non-residents would get. So we took our camera down to have a look. This is not a review of Cap St Georges, we didn't try any of the food or drink. This is more of a quick nose so you can see what the area is like.

The Far Side of the Development


Getting to Cap St Georges is easy. Follow the Coast Road from Paphos to Coral Bay, then continue along the main road, following the signposts. Once you get to the Akamas turning, get ready for a turning on your left which will take you to the resort. We drove all the way through, and started at the far end. The above picture is looking out back towards Coral Bay.

Building Work Progresses


The resort is by no means complete.

More Complete


Lots of the resort is ready though. What is finished looks very nice, too.

Available for Rent


I wonder what this view will look like when the work is over?

Resort Entrance Car Park


Right, that's all the building work out of the way. Now let's look at the areas you are more likely to be interested in. First of all, we parked in the Main Reception Car Park.

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