Published 14th of February, 2018

A few weeks ago, I read reports that some ancient human remains had turned up in a remote church near Kathikas. I presume the remains were placed by a tomb robber, but to be honest, the key phrase that stuck in my head was "remote church". After several attempts, the route to the location was found, and we paid it a visit.

Memory Lane


Before we get to the church, I want to remind you of a site we visited over a year ago. What I thought were fossils turned out to be a geological phenomenon known as Liesegang Rings.



I loved the landscape near those rings. I have seen similar patterns elsewhere in Cyprus, but none as big as these.

Bye Bye


Unfortunately, the rings are no longer there. Erosion has caused them to fall off.

Liesegang Debris


Rubble like this is all that remains. The moral of this little tale, is if you see an interesting place to visit in one of our blogs, don't assume it will always be there!

To The Church


Very nice, you may say, but what has all this got to do with the church? Well, you will soon find out. First though, I have made this map. It shows were the erosion (1) and ring remains (2) can be seen, as well as where you turn (3) to visit the remote church (4). As you can see, you can find the church if you take the Peyia to Kathikas road. There is a parking spot just after the turning.

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