Massive landslide blocks Old Theletra road

Over forty years ago, most of the inhabitants of Old Theletra abandoned it, after a huge Earthquake. They moved to a safer location and the new village of Theletra was born. A few inhabitants chose to remain, and live in a virtual ghost town.

Asprokremmos Concessions Stands

Old Theletra


Until recently there were two routes to Old Theletra;from Kathikas through New Theletra, or from the B7. However, the route to the B7 is no longer accessible.



Asprokremmos Concessions Stands

This huge landslide certainly explains why the villagers no longer felt safe in their homes.

Asprokremmos Concessions Stands

Will the road ever be cleared? The people of New Theletra can get to the B7 more quickly from the Kathikas road, so there may be no pressing need for it. As the final photograph shows, there is an awful lot of rubble below the road level, as well as the huge boulders above it. Perhaps the authorities will just leave it to nature, like most of Old Theletra?

Asprokremmos Concessions Stands

Paphos Life will be producing a blog on Theletra in the near future. Until then. why not watch the film we made when we visited the village yesterday.

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