Cabinet orders revaluation of all Akamas projects in landmark decision

The Cabinet has greenlit a sweeping reassessment of all projects and operations within the Akamas National Forest Park (ANFP).

The decision, endorsed yesterday, stems from a proposal put forth by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment, Petros Xenofontos.

This decisive step holds individuals accountable for significant deviations and serious errors from the stipulated terms set by the Forestry Department. Notably, the execution of contracts for all Akamas projects is now shifted away from the Forestry Department to the General Directorate of Environment under the Ministry of Agriculture.

An equally important decision is the Cabinet’s commitment to reevaluate projects related to the road network, infrastructure nodes, and entry/exit points of the Akamas plan by June 2024.

Simultaneously, the Cabinet has mandated the completion of the ongoing administrative investigation by January 15, 2024.

The development extends to the freezing of projects until at least mid-February 2024, with expectations for a new proposal to address various identified issues in the coming weeks.

Key decisions by the Cabinet:

  1. The core principles and philosophy behind the creation of the Sustainable Development Plan for Akamas remain unaltered.
  2. Reevaluation of road and infrastructure node projects until June 2024.
  3. Transfer of contract implementation for the ANFP from the Forestry Department to the General Directorate of Environment.
  4. Continuation of the existing contract after evaluation and adjustment in line with legal procedures.
  5. Preparation of a new proposal by the Ministry of Agriculture by mid-February 2024.
  6. Confirmation of a significant and unjustifiable delay in the implementation of three roads in Akamas, with construction initiated in November 2022 and a 14-month completion timeframe.
  7. Submission of a new proposal to address various issues related to the projects.

The forthcoming proposal, aligned with the Ministerial Council’s decision and slated for submission by February 2024, will encompass the following:

a) Collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, the General Directorate of Development, the Control Directorate (Intermediate Body), and any other involved entities to facilitate the transfer of funds to the General Directorate of Environment.

b) Reevaluation of the proposed road network and the Toxeftra–Avakas–Lipati road section by a team of specialists, including a representative from the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee (ETEK). The reassessment will include considerations for gentler routes within the forest park.

c) Schedule for restarting and completing work on the existing construction site (Road 1A: Aspros Potamos–Toxeftra–Lara, 2: Lara circular road).

d) Restoration of habitats affected by construction activities through compensatory measures and actions.


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