Venus Beach Cleanup - This Sunday

Published 11th of December, 2020

There will be a socially distanced beach cleanup this Sunday, starting from 1PM at Venus Beach Car Park. For more information read on...

Turn Here


To get to the Venus Beach Carpark, take the Tomb Of The Kings Road from Paphos, and turn left at Venus Beach Hotel. Lidl will be on your right. Don't enter the hotel, but instead take the turning shown here.

The Beach


I took these pictures myself today, and the beach itself is looking very nice. There were even some swimmers. You can see one in the bottom right. However, on the beach in front of them, you can just make out a blue bag, blowing around in the wind.

Even so, not really worth a cleanup there, you would think.

Car Park Rubbish


However, you don't have to go far to find the rubbish. Indeed, the walk from the Car Park to the beach takes you through all this.

Discarded Baby Wipes


And there's more. These baby wipes tell their own story.

They could all be left here for the council to clear up, eventually. Alternatively, you can come along on Sunday 13th December, at 1PM and lend a hand to Nadia Horsted Narejo. She recently posted on our Paphos Chat facebook group, that she was organising a cleanup. I promised to promote it for her, and here we are.

Meet Here


Being responsible, Nadia has checked with the authorities, and a cleanup is allowed at the moment provided you work in groups of two at the most.

It would be helpful if you could bring some bin bags with you, and a litter picker if you have it. Gardening gloves are also advised.

We will publicise any such clean-up if you let us know about it. We are also adding a Clean Up Cyprus section to the Paphos Life website. This will make it easier to find information and to see what has already been done. You will be able to find it in the SOCIAL section on the main menu. We will do a post when it goes live though, so don't look for it just yet!

It is easy to moan about the litter problem in Cyprus but do nothing about it. On sunday you will be able to do something about it.

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