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Published 21st of November, 2018

The Road Up in 2016


So, let's see what has changed. This is what we saw in 2016. This scene should look fairly similar right? The vegetation will be a bit denser, but nothing else will have changed.

The Road Up In 2018


Wrong! In 2016 there was an extra lamp post. It has obviously been recycled.

Road Clearance


Interestingly, this road has been cleared since we first came. The inset picture is from 2016. I think they have cleared the road in order to access the power lines.

The Reservoir in 2016


We are now at the top of the road. In 2016, there wasn't much water in the reservoir. That abandoned church is way off to the left.

The Reservoir in 2018


In 2018, there wasn't much water in the reservoir either. That abandoned church is still way off to the left. Not that I bear a grudge...

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