Paphos Coast Path - Part 7 - Lighthouse Beach to the Elysium

Published 8th of July, 2024

In Part 7 of our epic adventure along the Paphos Coast Path, we start at the Lighthouse Beach. This area has been newly refurbished and now has a nice children's play area as well as a decent car park. From here we head up to the Kefalos Beach Holiday Village and finish at the little pier by the Elysium Hotel.

On Your Bike!


All over Paphos you will find rows of bicycles and scooters, waiting to be hired. You will doubtless need a Smart Phone and an App to use them, but once purchased you are free to cycle or scoot wherever the mood takes you. So, installing a load on the newly renovated Coast Path would seem a sensible idea.


Not for us the benefits of two wheels and a comfortable padded seat. We are doing this on foot. So let's go...

Chair Lift


Looking back at the beach, it is certainly reaping the benefits of the refurbishment work.


Incidentally, don't be surprised if you walk down here and see a herd of goats to your right. You will often find things like this in Paphos; random farm areas surrounded by modern city life. It is part of its charm.

Walk This Way


I love the new structure they built here. It has lots of angles and is very interesting to look at up close.

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