Cali Resort - July Update

Published 9th of July, 2024

Cali Resort and Spa has been open for over a month now. I was in the area testing out my new drone so I thought it would be a good time to take some aerial shots to see how it looked now.

Scrubs Up Nicely


The Calis Resort and Spa now looks lovely. It is fully open, and there is not a crane or a bulldozer in sight.

Main Entrance


Two months ago this looked like a building site. At the time I assumed that a lot of the work was going on inside. When I actually went inside for a quick peek, I could see that they had been very busy indeed. It looked lovely.

Take a quick peek inside

Anyone For Tennis?


The tennis courts have had an overhaul too.


All in all, it looks lovely. The grounds still look a bit barren, but I imagine that landscaping isn't best suited for the middle of Summer. It will be interesting to see how the grounds look in a few months time.

And of course we made a film of our visit too.

Drone flight around Cali Resort and Spa

Pool Close-Up


We'll finish with a shot of the pool. Have you stayed at the Cali Resort and Spa yet, or will you be doing so in the near future? Let us know how you found it. From a distance it certainly looks lovely!

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