A Forest Drive From Panagia to Vretsia

Published 11th of September, 2020

A couple of weeks ago we fancied cooling off, so we drove to one of our favourite parts of Paphos Forest, for a dip in a familiar pool. Naturally we took some pictures along the way. Every time we post a picture of this pool people ask where it is. So this time we have included a handy map showing our route. Enjoy the journey!

Picnic Paradise


Our journey proper began in our beloved Polemi. However, we didn't start taking pictures until we reached the picnic ground on the forest side of Pano Panagia. The route from Polemi to Panagia forms a small part of our first road trip, so if you want a more in-depth look at it, use the link at the foot of the page.

Empty Spaces


"That darn pandemic", as I will call it today for a bit of variety, has put paid to a lot of picnics. The good news is this means that you won't have to fight for a table if you decide to bring a Ham and Cheese Docker with you.

View Towards Pomos


Now, I should warn you - if you only look at these blogs for the purple prose and the ace commentary - there are going to be a few pictures where the view is everything. You shall have to look at the image without seeing me struggle with superlatives to set the scene. All the information will be in the picture title.

The Map


Here is the map, so you can see how we get to the famous swing. Note that the route is very wriggly. Do not underestimate how long it takes to drive these woodland roads. Make sure you pack plenty of fluids too. We got a puncture out here once and it took a while to fix it. Actually, here's a tip. If you do get a puncture here, make sure you bring the car to rest on some good solid ground. I made the mistake of parking randomly, and the ground was a bit soft. When I came to use the jack, it just went into the ground rather then lift the car up. I had to find a couple of decent-sized flattish rocks to support it.

Conditions Good


As you can see, the road through the forest is in pretty good nick. They have to make sure this is the case so that fire engines can easily get about. Occasionally you will come across a locked gate. We found one near an abandoned mine which is really annoying, as it means there is a long walk if we want to visit it again. The gates are there for a reason though, it is to help promote the growth of Cedars in the forest. You can walk past the gate, but not drive.

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