Panagia Hills

Published 25th of September, 2020

The temperatures are finally beginning to recede from their summer highs, so we are able to go out exploring for more than half an hour without melting. In this adventure we took a wrong-turn and ended up in a part of Paphos we had hitherto only spied from afar.



The day started with us finding an abandoned village we had originally looked for a couple of years ago, but hadn't been able to locate. There will be a blog about that in the future. After that, we set off into Paphos Forest through the town of Pano Panagia. Unfortunately, there are a lot of criss-crossing tracks, most of which terminate in vineyards. So we took a wrong turn, and found ourselves going further and further upwards. The views were astounding, as you can see, so I took my camera out again and started snapping.

Remote Shrine


These little shrines are fairly widespread in Cyprus, but very few have such beautiful backdrops.

Funny Rocks


We eventually finished ascending, and arrived at a plateau. We were surrounded by vineyards, as far as the eye could see. Intermingled with the grapes there were lots of unusual-shaped rocks.

Green And Pleasant Land


So while we hadn't visited the area before, we weren't exactly driving through a wilderness. Occasionally we would see a lorry parked and some workers scattered throughout a field.

Good Roads


One advantage about driving through heavily cultivated areas is that the roads are pretty good. There are no signposts though, so we had no idea where we would eventually end up. We did spot the occasional arrow painted on a rock, so decided to follow them.

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