Martiri Gorge

Published 16th of June, 2021

A few days ago we introduced you to Martiri Bridge. That was pretty impressive, but in truth it was merely the starter. To experience the main course, you need to go below the ancient stone structure, and visit the gorge that runs beneath it...

Descend Here


If you have seen the previous blog, you will have seen the film I took when I put our camera down the crevice by the bridge. That film was recorded on the same visit as this blog, and I wasn't able to watch it until later. Consequently, I was completely surprised when I went into the gorge, as you shall see.

Anyway, there was no way I was going to climb down the crevice, so I walked back up the track that led to the bridge, looking for a path down. I found this, just before the main track began.

Watch Out For Prickles


The first time I made this journey it was very painful, and my legs got scratched to pieces. There were thin brambles all over the place, and I was wearing shorts. When I returned, I was still wearing shorts, but this time I was armed with a pair of secateurs.

Woodland Glade


When you have fought your way down the overgrown path, and clambered down some rocks, you will find yourself in a beautiful glade.



This route is upstream. We know where that ends up though - at the vineyard we started the Martiri Bridge blog from.

Getting There

NB: this film is a talkie. Instead of music, you can hear me stumbling through the undergrowth and talking to the camera. You have been warned.

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