Kritou Tera Spring Flowers

Published 16th of April, 2021

Cyprus is in bloom at the moment. To see it, you only need to get in a car and drive out into the countryside. We did just that, and headed to the countryside around Kritou Tera...

Smoke Near Simou


The other day we went for a drive, with no particular destination in mind. Coming down the B7 from Polemi, we saw some smoke to our right. It is irrelevent to this blog other than it gave us reason to find a left turn so we could get a better look.

Kritou Tera Hills


We noted a fire truck near the smoke, so thought nothing more of it. Just another fire in the countryside. At least this time it couldn't be blamed on hunters.

Fields of Wheat


From here on in, I was basically acting as a chaffeur. Alex wanted to photograph some flowers and it was my duty to provide them for her. And wheat. And bugs too, for that matter.



We featured the bee orchid in a recent blog. This is another variety. Serapias may not be as attractive as the bee orchid, but these ones have scrubed up nice enough in Alex's picture.

Rock Rose


This is a pretty little thing.

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