Kannaviou Dam From Above

Published 14th of December, 2020

We recently took our new drone up to Kannaviou Dam. Come with us as we go on a tour during a spell of moody weather. You will even get to see the overflow!

Looking Down On The Dam


Today's photo shoot almost didn't happen. The weather was a bitt moody and it looked like it was going to rain at any minute. But I had a drone I and wanted to fly it. So fly it I did.

Paphos Forest


There won't be much commentary on this blog, as we have covered Kannaviou Dam before and there is only a certain amount you can say about the place.

Nice Colours


Though the weather was moody, the sun did occasionally break through the clouds. And when it did, it produced a dazzling effect on the countryside.

Kannaviou Overflow


Finally! I've tried to get a picture of this for years. You cannot see it normally. I'm going to have great fun with my drone when the dams next overflow, provided I don't fly it too close...


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