EOKA Countryside

Published 28th of December, 2021

Dotted around the Paphos Countryside you will find remnants of EOKA activity. One such camp lies in the countryside between Polemi and Drymou. The other day I was flying a drone over the area, and thought I would share the results.

Distant Stroumpi


The drone really comes into its own when exploring the Cyprus countryside. If there is no track leading to an area, then you aren't going to explore it, unless you want to do some serious bushwhacking. The other day I wanted to get some drone footage for our "Relaxing Cyprus" series, and this was right on my doorstep. I had been here before, to see an old EOKA camp, and had explored part of the area. But there was a whole chunk I had yet to see. I have been to the area below, for instance. There is a lot of gypsum down there. There is also evidence that it used to be a rubbish dump site, which is surprising, given its remoteness.

Distant Giolou


We have already explored the area up to Giolou. It is a good place to avoid in winter, as it can get very boggy. I remember getting stuck down there once, when we were returning home. Dusk was setting in, and the shortcut across the flooded stream we took ended prematurely. Fortunately we had a shovel, and after we had stuck a few armfuls of undergrowth under the offending wheel, we were eventually able to get out. But be warned, there are lots of quagmires out there after rain.

Towards The Hideaway


The buildings you can see in the distance are a goat farm. Above them you can see where part of the hill has been cut out to make a road. This leads to the EOKA hideaway.

EOKA Hideaway


You can see the farm and the hideaway more clearly from this angle. The hideaway is at the end of the road. You can just make out a rectangular white sign above it.

The Hideaway


The green in the next few shots tell you they weren't taken recently. In fact they were part of a blog I wrote in 2018. We drove a scenic route from Polemi to Polis, and it went by here. Well, near here anyway. This is a dead end. You can see the sign that we spotted in the drone shot previously.

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