Paphos Christmas Lights Switch On

Published 9th of December, 2018

Cyprus is sensible. It only puts up the Christmas Decorations a few weeks before Christmas, rather than in October. This way, you don't get heartily sick of them by the time Christmas Day arrives. Last night, the Mayor switched on the Old Town lights, and we were there to join in the spectacle...



I should state at the outset that our primary reason for visiting was to enjoy the event and have some pancakes. Consequently, some of the pictures are a bit rough and ready but you should get the general idea...

The Mayor Begins The Countdown


With a tiny amount of pride in my heart, I was able to count down from 10 to 1 in Greek. The Mayor can be seen here, about to flick the switch.

There was a good crowd at the event, Kennedy Square was packed. We had been worried a bit about parking but it was actually straightforward. A nearby school had thrown open their doors and everybody was allowed to park in the playground. This meant we only had a very little way to walk.

Same, Yet Different


Now, to the untrained eye, these are the same tree decorations as last year. But if you compare them (see link at foot of blog) you will see that this year there is added colour.

St Elmo's Fire


I like the effect generated here, presumably by movement. However, you can clearly see the red and yellow bows that have been added to the lights. Very nice.



The food stalls seemed to be doing well, though some were unoccupied. I did notice an invitation to tender was posted a few days ago, which tends to suggest that some people pulled out at the last minute. I can't believe they would only start advertising pitches a few days before the event.

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