Paphos Seafront Walk

Published 13th of April, 2023

Yesterday Alex took a walk along Paphos Sea Front and the Harbour, to see how it was looking. These are her observations.

Top End


We begin our journey on the approach to the top end of the Sea Front. Pingouino's is on our left.

Tea For Two


The first thing to check up on is Tea For Two. You may recall that it is being renovated, and they are certainly doing a thorough job.

Ancient Bridge


They are digging up the road next to Tea For Two to lay drainage pipes. They found an ancient bridge when they were excavating a trench. I have no idea how they will resolve this but the bridge now seems to have picked up a fresh covering of sand.

Calmer Times


Onto the Sea Front itself now. You can see that the waves are a lot calmer now compared to last week's storm.

Signs Of The Times


And the good news is that new, smaller signs have started appearing above the restaurants. As far as I am aware, the older signs (with the exception of Tommy Hilfiger) had been made too big, and were without the proper planning permission. Apparently (this is all third-hand speculation) the previous administration hadn't been bothered whether the Planning Laws were adhered to. Now though, everything has to be legit.

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